The name of my business Sunanda explains my philosophy of life and work. It means best happiness in Sanskrit. When Iím working with a client, Iím happy to design and execute their wishes. They are happy to see their idea and fabric come to life. If Iím doing an alteration, the client is happy to see an existing garment of theirs fit beautifully to their body type.

I have been sewing professionally for 35 years, 28 years of which Iíve had my own business, Sunanda. Iím a couturier, which means the inside of the garment is as beautiful as the outside. I often design and execute one of a kind garments. Iím well versed in good fit and design challenges and strive to ensure that all deadlines are met. The design process is a collaboration between me and the client. Often they come with fabric that they have found during a business or vacation trip. We talk about their wishes for the fabric and take measurements. Usually there are 1-3 fittings, during which the design and fit is fine tuned.

I have made everything from dresses, suits, ball gowns, costumes, and wedding dresses, Iíve designed costumes for the Westernaires and David Copperfield. My alterations on existing garments are well done and fairly priced. I havenít changed my alterations prices in 20 years because I want my services to be affordable for everyone. Iím mobile, often coming into Denver to meet with clients. Local people come to me at my home studio.